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Dr. Floyd Williams

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Dr. Floyd Williams is a proud educational leader who has spent the vast majority of his career championing for fellow educators. Floyd recognizes the intrinsic importance teachers play in the lives of students. In order for students to reach their full potential, it’s vital that quality educators are there to help them along the way. Many teachers are undercompensated and lack the resources they need to best reach their students. Floyd E. Williams recognizes this disparity, particularly in schools that lack necessary funding, and works toward helping these teachers. If we truly want students to succeed and move onto brighter futures, we need to put educators in place who can help them get there. When teachers are adequately trained and provided with the skills and resources to reach children of all backgrounds, we’ll see drastic changes in the educational system and in how students respond to and view education. Providing teachers and students with the education and skills they need to reach their goals is the best way to make a brighter future and improve the state of education.

In his personal education philosophy, Dr. Floyd Williams also contemplates what the term “education” encompasses. He prides himself on being a transformational leader and has done a large amount of critical thinking when it comes to the quality of schooling for children from Kindergarten through High School. The time students spend in public education covers some of the most impressionable years of their lives, so it’s vitally important that educators carefully consider the best ways to connect and teach these students. Because of the detail and care that he has shown over the course of his career, Floyd E. Williams has enjoyed great success as a trusted educator, mentor, and leader. Dr. Williams knows that for many students, school teaches them valuable life skills in addition to pure knowledge. There are lots of students who immediately enter the workforce post graduation and their public education is what prepares them to tackle life’s challenges and gives them the knowledge necessary to succeed later on in life.

Dr. Floyd Williams wants to see schools become a place students learn about core subject areas, but also graduate with valuable life skills that can benefit them in practical ways the rest of their lives. For example, many students lack knowledge about managing finances, but finish school and then begin receiving paychecks, paying rent, or taking out large loans for major purchases, such as a car or student loans. Making sure students have basic knowledge about events in life, such as signing a lease, taking out a loan, opening a bank account or credit card, and how their financial decisions impact their credit scores can help them avoid difficulties later on in life. Teaching students basic life skills such as budgeting, nutrition, and basic parenting knowledge helps set them up for success no matter the path they choose to take.

Without positive educators in our schools, it’s much more difficult for students to acquire the skills they need to succeed. Educators must be aware of the obstacles many of their students face and take time to learn how to prepare students for challenges that may be unique to them. Providing teachers with the education and resources to address the individual lives and struggles of students is one of the best steps schools can take in order to help direct students on a path to success. No two students are exactly alike, so it’s time to stop believing that the same methods can work for an entire student body.

Knowing that there are many ways to view education, Floyd E. Williams has taken his critical eye to new heights and has developed an education philosophy that he follows as part of his core leadership style. He refers to this framework as the Ten Guiding Principles for Highly Effective 4K-12 Learning Communities. He believes that a fair and thorough education should be a guarantee for all children, but knows that this can be difficult as all children are different. Dr. Williams often stresses the need to understand what type of schooling children require in order to succeed in their own right. As all children are naturally curious and eager to learn, the desire is not what needs to be pushed. Dr. Williams’ education framework heavily supports this theory.

Dr. Floyd Williams vision for schools is always a place where all children can succeed, and where all children can feel safe and cared for. Without this foundation of safety, Dr. Williams fears that a proper education cannot be sustained. In addition to these principles, he states that health, engagement, and the proper structure of a well-researched education program really make up the pillars of a stellar school. Not only one where children can grow, but also one where they would want to. For many students, school is not a place they enjoy spending time at, which is an attitude educators must address and focus on changing. Instead of having systems in place that cause students to dislike school and their teachers, Dr. Floyd E. Williams believes we need to change education and the focus of how educators work with their students.





Falling in line with Dr. Floyd Williams’ core educational pillars, he believes that there are 4 main areas of education that children should be focusing on. These stepping stones are all a result of specific language and reading proficiencies. The core areas that Dr. Williams speaks to in his educational philosophy include Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. These core areas help students develop vital skills and knowledge that can benefit them no matter what direction their lives take. While these subjects are currently focused on in schools, far too many students fail to meet standards in these areas and often fail to learn key concepts. Dr. Floyd Williams believes it’s time for educators to take a step back and reevaluate how they approach teaching these core areas. Instead of following a general outline at every school, it’s time to evaluate each student individually to find the learning style that best suits them and can help them achieve their goals.

Dr. Floyd Williams realizes that many students do not view school in a positive light, especially if they feel underserved by the public education system and frequently find themselves getting reprimanded at school. He believes it’s time to also re-evaluate how educators approach student behavior. Instead of suspending students or giving them detention, attempts should be made to put supports in place to help solve problems before they even begin. Helping teachers connect with their students and identify those that may require extra attention is a helpful step toward preventing more serious behavioral issues in the future.

Of course, none of these proficiencies would be possible without the hiring of excellent staff. These educators are an important part of not only a child’s education, but a child’s life. Without understanding the weight of this responsibility, schools can have a difficult time reaching their students. During Dr. Floyd Williams’ time as an educator, he has overseen a variety of staff members who have successfully carried this philosophy into their classrooms through innovative and dynamic instructional practices. Teachers must understand the important role they’re playing and how much they can affect a child’s life. For a student to grow and learn, teachers must be in place to help facilitate this growth in the best way possible.

Dr. Floyd Williams sees teachers as the great equalizer in society. All who want to learn must learn from a teacher, no matter what the subject or topic. In turn, these students will one day become educators themselves in one form or another. Providing teachers with the knowledge and resources they need allows them to better work with students and help them reach their future potential as teachers. A single positive teacher in a child’s life can change the course of their future and help them discover passions and dreams they didn’t realize were possible. Far too many students view a brighter future as impossible and consider pursuing their dream career something that can never happen. They’re often concerned with day-to-day struggles that place their education much lower on their list of priorities. Teachers must identify these students and find ways to help them excel in their education and find a niche for themselves that can better their prospects.

A large area educators have influence over is students’ future career choices. Providing students with the knowledge and encouragement they need to pursue a dream they have makes it more likely they’ll find successful careers, whether they immediately start working following graduation or if they choose to attend college. It’s time for schools to encourage teachers to talk with their students about career options and how they can take steps to get into the career of their choosing. When educators have resources to show students and help guide them on their educational and professional journeys, it increases a students’ chances of success. Dr. Floyd Williams has full faith in the future of education and hopes to be a positive force within the industry as his career continues.

Dr. Floyd Williams has begun working on offering consulting to other educators. Thanks to his extensive experience in education, Dr. Williams believes he can offer valuable advice and direction on turning around schools and finding the best ways to reach students. Dr. Floyd Williams wants to use his experience and knowledge to help teachers better serve their students and find ways to encourage them on their paths to success. Whether it’s advising individual teachers on how best to reach and work with their students or helping an entire district evaluate its educational practices, Dr. Floyd Williams is ready to help improve the state of education. He has faith that with evaluation and some hard work, public education can better serve students and truly help them thrive in the world.

Dr. Floyd Williams encourages interested educators to reach out to him regarding consulting opportunities and take a look at his other websites, as well as his blog on education. Dr. Floyd Williams has spent considerable time studying ways educators can help students succeed and ways he can help teachers better understand their students’ needs. No matter where an educator is in their career, it’s never too late to change the way they relate to students or what their teaching style is. Education is a vital profession that’s constantly developing and changing, so there’s always room for growth. Since there’s such a wide variety in the types of students educators work with, there are many ways individual teachers can go about working with their students and helping them succeed. Dr. Floyd Williams is confident that with a few changes, the educational system can better serve all students and educators alike, as long as everyone works together to identify how to help students achieve their full potential and then share those observations with other educators around the country.